Monday, August 1, 2011

The beginning...

My name is Amber Mattingly I am married to Lee Mattingly.  We were married 13, Feb 2009 in Las Vegas NV. It was so awesome to marry my best friend.  We met when we were in 9th grade (Jr high) . We had the same home room and had to do so school project together and he had to come over to my house. All I remember thinking is I don't want that guy to come to my house!  From that day on him and I were connected at the hips.  He became my best friend, and we were together as friends for a while. I'm not sure how it came about that he would be my boyfriend.. but he says we had our first kiss at Lagoon :).  We dated for 2 years and went to sophomore homecoming together and Jr homecoming. Then I broke up.  lee will tell you that I dumped him.. and he was heartbroken.  I'm sure he was just fine.   My Jr year was when I met Paige's dad Andre and we dated and along came Paige after high school. We were married in 1995 and stayed together for 6 years.   Andre and I were divorced in 1999 when Paige was 4.  Paige then became my BFF, and we were inseparable!   I had seen Lee around town here and there through the years. We did meet up one time and he came to my apartment at the time, we went out and hung and I didn't see him again for a few more years.   His parents lived up the street from my mom.  One day at the light between our parents houses I ran into him and he followed me over to my moms.  We chatted for a few and he had to go.. I was kind of bummed, later I found out he was on his way to his new girlfriends house :(   Now lets skip forward to 2008...  I was on facebook and decided I wanted to see what he was up to.  I searched his name and found it, I sent him an email right away. About 20 min later I got an email back and I then sent him my phone number and  he called and we chatted for about 2 hours.  I invited him to my apartment in West Jordan. We played scrabble with Paige and had dinner.  From that day on we  haven' t been apart. I love him so much.   We moved in together and lived cramped in my little apartment for a few, then decided we should buy a home.   2009 We moved to Eagle Mtn, UT  in a wonderful little community with great neighbors.  The process of buying the home was really hard and stressful but when it was done it was so worth it.  Its not the biggest home but we love it and it works.  Paige was ready for the move and to be stable. She had friends out in Saratoga Springs and they would all be at the new school she was going to. Paige started 9th grade in high school .. YIKES :)  She now loves school and she is a great student. Paige is now 16 and just learning how to drive.   In March 2011 along came Kendall brook Mattingly

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